**Camouflage Like a Black Woman**

Golam Rabbi
2 min readOct 6, 2021

“Every Black woman should read this book to make our next generation stronger. “A delightful guide full of important information for those of us who want to read a coloring book.

Camouflage Like a Black 👱🏿‍♀woman is a coloring book that entails a poem of empowerment Especially for young black girls growing up in a space where they have to suppress their personalities to microaggressions in society, this book is a reminder to the black girl child that she matters in every aspect of life. This is a book you can gift to yourself, your mum, friends, sisters, Aunties, and everyone you know!!

I created this fun coloring book with a very powerful poem from a place of victory over my mental health. As a young black woman, I grew up around people who projected their insecurities on me and that alone grounded me into a very bad mental state. I always felt empty and ashamed of my skin color because society was programed to degrade black women. After so much self-reflection and meditation, it came down to two options; give up and let my trauma ruin me or fight back and get everything I ever wanted for myself, by myself with confidence.

Standing in a place of deep self-love today, I realize most black women are going through the same cycle. Yet, they deserve a table full of opportunities, peace of mind, and unconditional love. My book is one effective way to gain the self-love we have all been deprived of as black women through guilt and shaming.

It’s time to break this cycle from the roots! If this wonderful book can reach every black woman’s living room wall to become a part of her daily affirmations and motivations, then my work is done. Let this generation be the end of our trauma! We should protect our mental health because our children, this, and the next generations depend on it. Let us remember who we are!!

I dedicate this book to all my fellow beautiful black women with love and power! young/old, I see you, I feel your pain The art/book is the beginning of the reminder we all need, it is set to become our daily affirmation!!

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